Grey Two Thousand Nineteen Diary

Grey Two Thousand Nineteen Diary

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Grey Two Thousand Nineteen Diary

2019 is all about- Dreaming big, working hard and making it happen- with a three six five weekly grey planner. Keeping it cool with this soft grey colour, filled with our favourite inspiring quote to set the tone for 2019

Make 2019 the year you plan to make #EveryDayCount with the three six five stylish, luxury vegan leather diaries. Every month we encourage reflection, embrace gratitude and set intentions for the new month ahead. Our A5 size and week–to-week layout make it easy to keep on top of commitments ‘on the go’ ensuring you are never without inspiration or space to jot your thoughts.

With a little sprinkle of magic, your three six five diary is armed with motivational quotes, cues to jot down thoughts, ideas and dreams as well as space to track your wellbeing to inspire you to lead the happiest version of your life possible. Everything you want and need in life lies within you, we just give you the tools to make it happen.


Measurements + Description

Spans January – December 2019
A5 Medium Soft Cover – Vegan Leather
SIZE: 15CM (W) X 21.6CM (L)
COVER: Soft Touch PU leather, rounded corner
Embossed logo on back and spine

Diary Features

  • Yearly view
  • Monthly view
  • Weekly view
  • Motivational quotes
  • Notes pages

Includes pages to keep track of your

  • ‘To-do’ lists
  • Travel plans
  • Websites
  • Contacts
  • Brunch spots
  • Favourite destinations
  • Yoga inspiration
  • Vegan brunch hot spots
  • Wellness tracker

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