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The Hoxton hotel is one of our favourite London go to’s. We’ve stayed many times after various nights out with friends and can’t get enough of the atmosphere here. It’s interior is super cool- worthy of an Instagram crown for sure! Highlights include exposed brick walls, lush leather headboards and the outdoor glass house.



the great outdoors 

The Rooms 

We stayed in a standard double room which was the ideal size for after a night out when all you want to do is crash and sleep! Considering the amount of people having a whale of a time in the bar downstairs, the room was super soundproof and we managed to get a decent nights sleep! Well not exactly a whole night as we’d been up in the bar drinking cocktails for most of it!

The interior is super slick, dark tones and sleek accessories. A giant mirror, polished floors and quirky bedside lighting make you feel like you’ve blown the budget for the night- when actually its super reasonable!  hox_concept8_046

The Perks 

Wi-Fi- Super Quick, no-nonsense, free wifi. Handy when you want to Instagram/Tweet your surroundings every minute of your stay.

The “Rip off free fridge” – A free litre of mineral water. Doesn’t sound like much… until after a night of knocking back the mojitos you wake up gasping for a drink. If you’re anything like me then you always forget to buy water to have by your bed at the end of the night, so in this case a litre was a lifesaver!

The Breakfast bag – Rumour has it they’re delivered by breakfast fries. The perfect morning pick me up before heading downstairs to devour a full english.

hox7 The Food 

The Hoxton Grill is the place to be. Bag yourself a booth and order away. It caters for the hungover and the healthy. We’ve been lucky enough to sample a breakfast, lunch, dinner and liquid lunch here. The liquid lunch has hindered some memories of favourite menu preferences… however we can remember that it was really damn good.

The Night Life 

We’re partial to a cocktail or few and the bar didn’t disappoint.

Our last stay at the Hoxton Shoreditch involved pre drinks in the bar downstairs. The atmosphere was buzzing and to be honest-the other bars we went to that night didn’t have a feeling quite like it! As a group we decided to end the night back there before heading upstairs to our rooms to crash!


Quirky Added Extras 

Events- This hotel has a booming social calendar. The latest in cool hook ups, fancy fitness and shopping the wardrobes of your fave bloggers.

hoxshop_cushions_hashtagThe guide- Every room comes with a guide to the latest and coolest stuff to do in the local area. Ideal if you’re not from London and don’t want to bore yourselves with the tedious, overpriced tourist days.

The website- We love the site. Its easy to use, interactive and has a cool blog to match. Not forgetting to mention they cater to your love of their interior by allowing you to take a piece of the hotel home with you on their online shop -Hoxshop. At Haus of Hyde we love to collect bits and bobs to remember various trips we’ve been on so this was a plus for us! The hashtag cushion is on our wish list!

Ping Pong- Say no more. Monica and Mike eat your heart out.

The vintage photo booths- squashed, sweaty, silly fun.


So incase you were unsure we would definitely recommend you stay here. We’re staying at the Hoxton Holborn this weekend and looking forward to see if it measures up!







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