The best office accessories to add a splash of gold to your workspace

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These office decoration ideas will transform what is effectively your second home from a boring desk to something chic, modern and that shines the way you do!

The golden touch: Silicone keyboard cover

Gold keyboard cover

A keyboard is an integral yet unassuming part of your office equipment, so why not brighten it up and decorate it? You can easily find different styles of these colourful keyboard cover on Amazon, Urban Outfitter and many other places. This beautiful champagne gold keyboard cover will lift your mood and before you know it everyone in the office will be using one.


Black and gold mouse pad

To complement your golden keyboard, why not try to make this sleek black and gold mouse pad! Amy, the owner of the lifestyle blog Homey Oh My can show you how to easily transform your plain black mouse pad into this stylish gold infused mouse pad.


For the full guide: http://www.homeyohmy.com/diy-gold-mouse-pad/  Photo source: Homey oh My


The baskets to keep you organised

These brass baskets add a touch of sophistication to your desk.  They are the perfect office accessories for keeping all the important documents in place.


For more office decorating ideas check out our blog : https://hausofhyde.com/in-haus/ 

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