The Bathroom Takeover | Part One

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        Written By: Leah Hyde, Creative Director of Haus of Hyde 

So I’m currently planning on a bathroom re-haul. It’s a job well over due as it requires a full rip out and replace job. The bathroom in its original state boasted a pink shag pile carpet, cracked grey tiles, retro shower curtain and built in vanity unit. On paper it sounds like a seventies dream, especially with the pink and grey colour scheme, but trust me when I say it was far from desirable. My first attempt at tackling the bathroom was a budget cover up job. I was completely skint and had to make the most of a bad space. Keeping the original white suite (thankfully it wasn’t another gruesome colour) meant I saved some money. I ripped out the dusty old carpet and replaced it with some clean, white tiled lino. The majority (except one) of the walls were tiled so retiling was a dream too far. I meticulously painted over the grey tiles with a white tile paint, re grouted with a grout pen and re sealed the bath. It most definitely wasn’t the most professional job but the best my DIY skills could offer. Bathroom accessories looked like some cheap colour matching towels and bath mats (although I find that the cheaper towels actually dry you so much better?!), A plastic shower curtain, a framed poster on the aubergine (don’t ask me why I chose that colour) wall and an abundance of cosmetics stuffed onto the sink shelf. It was clean, simple and functioned as it should but was certainly never going to feature on the pages of ELLE Decoration.

Eight years later.. these temporary solutions have a habit of becoming a long term feature on the to do list, my bathroom is more shabby then chic. The shower is a complete waste of time- A cold dribble that would take an eternity to wash my hair with. The painted tiles are peeling away to reveal their secrets and the purple wall is looking more and more tragic. It is a no-go zone. Certainly not the sanctuary you retreat to after a long day to have a soak, or where you race your mates to the mirror to get ready for a night out. I’ve been dreaming of this day for a long time. The bathroom takeover has begun. I am now no longer a skint student so can afford to recreate a bathroom that fits a functional and stylish goal. The bathroom of dreams with the roll top bath in the centre of the room, the double sink vanity and hidden storage is maybe a stretch of the imagination too far, but one day you never know! 

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Bathroom Takeover 1So my expectations are realistic, but there are so many great ways you can make your bathroom look stylish without spending a bomb. For starters the plan is to stick to a new white suite. A space of average size and with no storage space whatsoever I need to strategically plan how to make the most of the area. Ideally I’d love to be able to store the essentials (cleaning products, towels, etc) and be able to display my favourite cosmetics (think bathroom shelfie inspired by Glossier). For this I have turned to my Holy Bible that is Pinterest. Ikea hacks and storage solutions have swamped my brain nightly. My frantic pinning of wallpaper options, colour schemes and tiling options have been exhausting. A feature that will remain is the shower curtain rail (all be it a new one of course). I’vbathroom takeover 4e always preferred a shower curtain to a glass door. No longer do I need to resort to the sticky plastic curtain- there are a ton of amazing printed fabric shower curtains online at the moment! These will be revealed in due course! We’re not short of bathroom accessories at Haus of Hyde so will be using them to stay up to date with all the latest styles! 

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There you have it, the history of my bathroom. This post is a kick to get plans moving (note Part one in the title). Keep checking BTS on the blog as I update you through the process. It’s not going to be a renovators dream, more like a a girl on a pinterest bathroom mission. For now, here are some of my current bathroobathroom takeover 5m faves that are inspiring the bathroom takeover. Feel free to tag @HAUS_OF_HYDE in any pinterest/instagram snaps that we could add to the album. 


To Be Continued… 

All pictures taken from Pinterest. 

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