Our ten favourite interior trends 2019

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Our ten favourite interior trends 2019

(and how to incorporate them into your home) 




Reeded glass

Originally a popular feature in 1930’s/1940’s homes this glass is having a revival of its own. It’s decorative style will add another texture to your space. If you’re a fan and want to incorporate it on a large scale then why not go for a reeded glass room divider? Keep it simple with a simple sheet of glass or add extra interest with dividing panels like the picture below? If you’re looking for an easy room update with the reeded glass trend then you’ll see plenty of reeded lighting and glassware springing up over the year.

Check out Instagram account @thehousethatblackbuilt for reeded glass appreciation 

Our ten favourite interior trends 2019



Sea life

OK, get the notion of shabby chic beach house out of your head. That’s not where this trend is going. With Pantone colour of the year as “Living coral” for 2019, the sea life trend is washing over interiors in more ways than one. You’ll be seeing an influx of coral shades in luxe hotel style rooms, mermaid tiling and sea life prints over everything from wall art, textiles and ceramics.

Check out Instagram account @melanielissackinteriors for a Scallop tile kitchen splash back 

Our ten favourite interior trends 2019



Beige is back

Contrary to popular opinion- beige IS NOT BORING! Neutral colour palettes have had a lease of life and they’re coming back strong for 2019. Keep it fresh and modern with shades of caramel, sand and natural cotton. Pair it with other natural textures (warm woods, wicker, cork) for a calm, and earthy feel or with Matte black accents for a more striking look.

Check out Instagram account @danielatascayork for neutrals done right

Our ten favourite interior trends 2019



Statement ceilings 

Creating a statement ceiling in your home can add a whole new dimension to a room! It’s a fun way to add colour or pattern in a less obvious way. Whether you choose wallpaper or paint it’s a great way to tie a room together or if you’re living in an older property- to hide any flaws! If you’re feeling really brave why not be daring and try a metallic ceiling or some clever cornicing?

Check out Instagram account @poodleandblonde for some quirky wallpapers to update your ceilings- they’ve got some fab examples at their location house! 

Our ten favourite interior trends 2019



Fireplace focus

It’s the focal point to so many living areas, with furniture being arranged around this centre point. This trend works for the real working fireplaces, the “fake” fireplaces and the non existent. If you’ve got a mantlepiece then focus your energy here. Statement mirrors, interesting accessories and artwork will bring it to life and create a talking point in the room. If you have the opening for a fireplace then why not create interest inside? Mixed glassware, stacks of books or an arrangement of plants will freshen it up. Non existent fireplace? Create the illusion of one! Use paint or tiling to create a focal point and add a shelf above to act as a mantlepiece.

Check out Instagram account @nudeandthenovice to see her stylish mock fireplace

Our ten favourite interior trends 2019



Tone on Tone

Big in the world of fashion through 2018, tone on tone is about choosing one main hue and running with it. Use alongside other graded tones within that colour scheme, the idea being to create as little contrast as possible. Use furniture and accessories in similar hues to tie the look together. When it’s done right, it looks luxe and understated. If you’re feeling apprehensive about committing to one colour for your walls and furniture then why not paint some existing furniture? Then if you change your mind later down the line its easy to repaint another shade!

Check out Instagram account @novaaesthetica_ for tone on tone inspo

Our ten favourite interior trends 2019


Cosmic vibes 

As 2019 marks 50 years since we landed on the moon, interiors will be making a galactic nod to the trend. Astronomical patterns will be adorning textiles and ceramics as well as galactic surfaces and cosmic tiling having a staring role. If the zodiac isn’t your thing then add some metallic accents for a subtle take on this trend.

Check out Instagram account gold_is_a_neutral for starry bathroom goals

Our ten favourite interior trends 2019




Let this retro look shimmy it’s way into your home in 2019. Flirty fringing is BIG news and accessories are looking to be adorned with the swishy designs. Look for lamps, curtains and cushions with fun fringing to update your room.  Not just for the boho lovers, fringing is now more luxurious especially when paired with rich velvets and deep hues.

Check out Instagram account @houtique_ for the ultimate in fancy fringing 


Our ten favourite interior trends 2019



Smoked glass

Beautiful and sophisticated, smoked glass is an understated style of glass that will be featuring lots in the interiors world for 2019. Smoked glass in either brown or black is a great way to add a contemporary touch to your space. Add smoked glass vases, lighting and glassware for an easy and affordable trend update.


Our ten favourite interior trends 2019



Matte black 

From walls and ceilings, to furniture and accessories matte black is BIG for 2019. Matte black oozes classy and sophisticated. Too much black can be overpowering for some rooms and make them appear darker and smaller. Use it as an accent whilst keeping it’s surroundings light and airy- paint your woodwork or add black Scandi style accessories. Matte black is also spilling over into the kitchen, with matte black kitchens taking to the forefront. For a more affordable option try painting cupboard doors and freshening up with some new brass hardware.

Check out Instagram account @mad_about_the_house for lots of matte black interior done well

Our ten favourite interior trends 2019

So there you have it- our ten favourite interior trends for 2019 with easy ways to update your home!

With Love 

Haus of Hyde 


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