Simple and chic decorating ideas for the bedroom

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Embrace lush velvet

Velvet is no doubt one of the most luxurious fabrics for your home. The smooth feeling is not easily replaceable. It represents wealth, chic and sophistication, even just adding a few velvet pillows to your home will change the vibe instantly. Fore more velvet home decor ideas check out style caster’s blog.


Find it at Haus of Hyde: Velvet cushion covers in 3 different colours 

velvet cushion cover

The timeless chic

Dance like we are back in the 20s, art deco can never be out of fashion. The fascinating style of using simple lines and shapes to create some of the most beautiful patterns. Paired with art deco wallpaper and carpets using minimalistic furniture is a must, you don’t want your furniture to outshine the patterns and make the design too overpowering.  

Art deco bedrooms

Statement mirrors and metallic accessories are also key to art deco interior design. It will enhance the visual experience of your bedroom and make it look more spacious and a cleverly placed mirror can help brighten up your room by reflecting natural sunlight.

Art deco mirror

Find it in the Haus of Hyde:
Emerald Marble side Table:

Black bedside table

Large round brass mirror:

brass mirror


Go full bohemian


Bohemian style is popular than ever before. It is casual, laid back and carefree. It has all the elements that a bedroom should have. Your bedroom should be the most comfortable place for your body and soul. To achieve the decor style you can try adding some green hanging glass bubble plants from your ceiling.


Using home accessories that are made from natural materials like this bamboo shade.
Natural bamboo shades
And this beautifully polished wooden peace sign
wooden peace sign
Find this look in the Haus of Hyde:
White decorative antler:


The hanging planter:

For more home decorating ideas check out our in haus blog 

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