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Show the Love – The Valentines Gift Guide

Love comes in many forms. Celebrate familial, friendly, romantic and self love this Valentines Day with our gift guide, show the love.

Here are our top picks from Haus of Hyde to show the love this Valentines. 

1. The small gold vase

The decorative small glass vase, to display beautiful blooms, £20, Click to shop

2. The Jewellery box

Brass jewellery boxes, to display beautiful memories and sentimental items, £40-£65, Click to shop

3. The glass candle

“I Want To…” glass candle, to light during special moments, £9, Click to shop

4. The travel bags

Blush velvet travel bag, Perfect for surprise weekends away, £20, Click to shop

5. The round brass mirror

Round brass mirror, because it’s ok to love yourself, £60, Click to shop

6. The champagne flutes

Smokey champagne flutes, to cheers to all the love with, £35, Click to shop


To shop all of these gorgeous gifts head to Haus of Hyde now

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