Quirky Kitchenware To Give You The Edge At Dinner Parties

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Gone are the days that a dinner party is hosted purely in the dining room. In today’s age of gadgets and gizmos, the host of a modern soiree is expected to pull out all the stops and ensure that the party is contemporary and cutting edge as well as ensuring that the fayre is top notch.

With technological advances seemingly occurring daily, it can be hard to stay on top of current trends and ensure that you have the appliances and kitchenware needed to wow your guests and ensure you are on top of your dinner party “A-game”.


With this in mind and in true Haus of Hyde style, we have put together the very latest quirky kitchenware to give you the edge at your dinner party. You can find these items at a range of reputable suppliers and you can of course examine our range of luxury homewares to see if we have the perfect item for you.

Crock Pot Mk II

Crockpots have historically been associated with old-fashioned home cooking for stews and casseroles but the brand has undergone somewhat of a facelift in recent years. Their modern iteration has therefore found its way into modern, sophisticated dinner parties and could be an ideal way to enhance your contemporary event. Even the most prestigious events could reap the benefits of this brand new appliance.

The beauty of the latest addition to the crockpot range is that you can get a smaller device with a sleek design which you can place directly on to the dinner table.

So, if you have taken hours cooking some fine African cuisine or similar and want it to stay piping hot on the table, you can do just that and not ruin any of the tasteful décor you have gone to the trouble of putting together.

Gone are the days of cold food on the dinner table and you can keep your guests topped up with hot, tasty food whilst you enjoy each other’s company without the need to dash to the kitchen all evening.

Modern Port Sippers

We have come to know our regular customers quite well as Haus of Hyde and are aware that you guys are most likely holding elegant dinner parties where quality and aesthetics are of the utmost importance. With this being the case, we highly recommend the latest port sippers manufactured by some of the top brands in the market.


These modern looking receptacles actually date back to the 17th century in design but have been tastefully rethought so they look at home at even the most regal of dinner tables. A post dinner port should be part of any sophisticated dinner event and these numbers mean you can sip your fine port directly from the bottom of your glass.

This has several advantages from taste to reducing the amount of oxidisation that occurs at the top of your glass, which as you will know if you are a seasoned port drinker, really enhances the experience. These kitchenware items are perfect if you are looking for something for the dinner table which is as pleasing to the eye as it is practical.

Contemporary Oil Pourer

We have all been there at one time or another, whether it be at a dinner party or in a restaurant. We get our Caesar salad or pizza we have been patiently waiting for only to accidentally douse it with lashings of olive oil or chilli oil and essentially ruin the whole thing. This is easily done even these days but you can make sure that neither you or your guests suffer the same fate at your dinner party.

The latest adjustable oil pourers not only look great on any table, but you can adjust the nozzle to decide just how much dressing you want on your meal. So, gone are the days of hesitantly hovering your olive oil above your plate in fear of how much you are going to douse your food in and more importantly, your guests can relax too.

There are a number of makes and designs of these adjustable oil pourers, but we highly recommend you make these part of your next dinner party as they are very quirky but ultimately, incredibly practical.

There is lots more inspiration just like this in the ever-growing In Haus blog right here at our site as well as recommendations on how you can modernise and enhance every area of your home. You can also see the latest sale items from our summer collection to see what savings you can make before the winter really sets in.

As ever, you can contact us at any time to discuss the latest additions to our range by clicking the previous link or you can always e-mail us at hausofhyde@gmail.com.

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