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We are self-confessed visual hedonists. Sticking with one particular style is not our thing. We are always on the hunt for the newest fresh simple interior style. This month we found a collection of fashionable, minimal, eclectic and modern bedroom designs to share with you.

Charming lily-white Barcelona Loft

This stunning loft used the simplest colour palette to deliver a chic, minimalist chamber. The elegant faded grey homeware paired with the herringbone floors, and the free standing bathtub so effortlessly.
White bedroom ideasFind this style at Haus of Hyde:
Longhaired sheepskin rug – Haus of Hyde

rugs for bedroom


Libertine Lindenberg: A home away from home

Libertine Lindenberg is neither a hotel nor is it a commune, it is both and is known as a guest community. Located in Frankfurt’s Alt-Sachsenhausen-neighborhood, you are welcome to stay at Libertine’s home for one night, a few days, weeks, months or even years. The bedroom design reflects the history that surrounds it through its exterior stone facade but embraces modernity through its interior design by Franken Architekten.
Libertine’s homely design is perfect for a lot of small bedrooms, using interiors like hanging plants, and geometry design vases adds extra home feeling to the bedroom.

libertine-lindenberg-home-hotel Bedroom ideas

Find this style at Haus of Hyde:
Groovy vases: 


Blush linen cushion cover:

light pink cushion cover


Playing with colours: Colour themed bedrooms

Room Mate Hotel Giulia: A modern hotel designed by Patricia Urquiola, only a few steps away from Piazza del Duomo and the Vittorio Emanuele gallery in Italy.
Each room has its signature colour theme. From sky blue to 80s earthy tones, you will be impressed by how they combined all the colours together so perfectly. Each room is so different but you can spot similar elements in all of them like the brass based coffee table which fits in perfectly with all of the rooms.


room-mate-hotel-giulia-by-patricia-urquiola-5 room-mate-hotel-giulia-by-patricia-urquiola-7 room-mate-hotel-giulia-by-patricia-urquiola-8

Find this look at Haus of Hyde:
Brass waste paper basket:


Round wicker stool:



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