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Kitchen utensils, where would the modern home be without this vital apparatus? With advances in technology taking place seemingly every week, one could be forgiven for wondering just what they should have in their modern kitchen.

With this in mind and in true Haus of Hyde style, we have seen fit to put together our must have kitchen utensils for the home. Some classic and others truly modern and perhaps a little gimmicky (who doesn’t love a gadget), our three top picks will all enhance your home and ensure your kitchen is as cutting edge as it is efficient.

We have a selection of utensils available right here at the Haus of Hyde site and if there is something you are looking for that isn’t on our site then don’t fear, as our range is getting bigger and better all the time. We have also listed a couple by a few of our trusted brands, if for any reason they are not part of the ever growing Haus of Hyde range.

This is just part of our commitment to not only bringing you the very best in modern, luxury homewares but also innovative features on the latest trends for your home. You can find more resources just like this one by perusing the rest of our great In Haus homewares blog.

So, what are the must have utensils that are top our agenda for 2016/17?

  1. Chopping Boards

Now, in kitchen terms the trusty chopping board has been around since the year dot but there is a reason why this classic piece of kitchen gear has stood the test of time. Mothers, wives, husbands, sons and chefs alike still need somewhere sturdy and stylish to chop their ingredients and marble chopping boards are undoubtedly the current trend.

marble chopping boards

You can still get premium chopping boards made from a wide range of materials these days and they are also a focal point of many kitchen designs. Perfect propped up on your worktop, stowed behind your toaster or even hung in a place of prominence in your kitchen.

  1. Hi-Tech Blender

Again, blenders are hardly a new invention but these days there are all sorts of hi-technology appliances which can make your daily life so much easier.  These look chic and elegant in your kitchen and what used to take several minutes to blend, puree or pulp in to your chosen consistency now takes seconds.


You may well have seen the adverts for the Nutri-Bullet or its equivalent on the television as these are all the rage. The added advantage of these modern blenders is that you can stick them straight in your bag to be taken to work, as they are blended straight into handy containers with their own air tight lids. If you love a good smoothie or making your own homemade soups, then a 21st Century blender is definitely a prudent purchase.

  1. Hamburger Press

This one is definitely for anyone with one eye on luxury utensils. Strictly speaking this isn’t a “must have”, but we just couldn’t resist putting it into our guide as we have been using them to aplomb.

If you have ever been to Shoreditch or Northern Quarter and experienced some of the phenomenal burgers that are available, you may well have attempted to create your own at home with varying results.  This utensil allows you to do just that with ease, enabling you to wow your family and guests with your culinary wizardry.

The hamburger press allows you to put all the ingredients you desire into your burger without fear of it collapsing or disintegrating when you put it on the grill or in the oven. The result is perfectly cooked, almost symmetrically perfect burgers, every time and huge kitchen kudos for you every single time.

  1. Hang Around Cooking Utensils

We have all been there many times before. You’re having a dinner party with esteemed colleagues or close friends and you have left it all until the last minute. Frantically trying to juggle laying the dinner table, cooking a delicious meal and of course looking fabulous for your guests and things start to take a turn for the worse in the kitchen.

What you do not need in this situation is your cooking utensils playing their usual trick and disappearing into the washing up bowl, onto the floor or wherever else they may end up during a hectic evening in your kitchen. The ingenious Hang Around Cooking Utensils from Scandinavia have put an end to all that due to their clever design and functionality.

These utensils are cleverly designed to sit on the edge of your pots and pans whilst you cook, so you know exactly where they are at all times. They are also made from elegant white Beachwood so they look the part in any modern, luxury kitchen.


You can always look around our dedicated kitchenware section here at the Haus of Hyde website and remember, we do luxury items for every room in your home so be sure to take a look at our bedroom, office, living & dining and bathroom categories as well.

We hope you get as much fun from these must have kitchen utensils for your luxury home as we did. If you have any questions or queries about any of our premium merchandise or simply want to get in touch, then you can do so by clicking here, or dropping us an e-mail at hausofhyde@gmail.com.

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