Mini glitter “pumpkins” – How we made them

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So we’ve revealed these little ones over social media as part of our Halloween special and now we’re going to show you exactly how to make your own!

Mini glitter “pumpkins”

As the booming cosmic trend takes hold we transferred the theme into a Halloween dining experience. Now, the actual way we discovered these little beauties was in fact by accident. It was through experimenting with various table decorations and floral arrangements that they quite literally fell into our lap.

We’re a lover of the cotton plant, especially during the autumn as it adds a slightly different feel to the table scape. It’s slightly unusual, long lasting and adds that much needed height. The cotton stems we were using were on their last legs so we thought about using the heads as an idea that was inspired by the recent H&M home AW17 shoot. The press shots show cotton heads inside glass jars and vases.

The style portrayed by H&M’s shots were beautiful- but in this case certainly wasn’t cosmic enough. In comes the glitter. We found this jazzy stuff on Amazon– remember that with glitter a little goes a long way (something we need to remember, as every surface seems to be shimmering with the stuff)! We went for a black shimmer however don’t feel restricted to this. It comes in a range of colours so feel free to experiment.

Originally we planned to use the glittered cotton heads inside glass vases and jars but this changed once we’d got started…

Making the mini glitter “pumpkins”

Step 1:

Spray the cotton heads in a light layer of adhesive. Make sure to get full coverage.

Step 2:

Pour the glitter into a small bowl.

We used “cosmic shimmer” by Glitterbiz

Holding the stem dip the cotton heads into the glitter. Ensure as much coverage as possible.

Step 3:

Repeat with as many cotton heads as you need. Leave to dry.

When leaving the glittered cotton heads to dry we noticed that upside down they resembled mini glitter pumpkins. Perfect for Halloween table decorations!


Use your mini glitter pumpkins as table decorations when hosting your cosmic Halloween dinner. 

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