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You probably don’t associate energy saving lightbulbs with creating a flawless, luxury feel in your home but our latest guide may just convince you otherwise! As we are all well aware these days, energy efficiency has become ever more important and many new homes are built with just that in mind.

Whether or not you are looking to accessorise a new build or have a classic abode you are wanting to kit out so it looks incredible, we are bound to have the solution for you right here at Haus of Hyde.

However, not content with just bringing you our exemplary range, we also have our In Haus blog which is packed with design tips and lifestyle advice and of course, the best way to utilise our luxury items in your home. Read on to find out more about our tips regarding energy efficient lightbulbs and why they could be the perfect acquisition for your home.

Saving Money

Aside from the energy efficiency aspect, changing from your outdated incandescent lightbulbs can actually save you a great deal of money. In a standard UK home, lighting costs are usually just under a quarter of your total energy bill; this can be reduced significantly through the use of low energy lightbulbs. This obviously varies dependent on the size of your home but these savings could well free up some much appreciated cash for your household.

Take The Heat Off

What many people fail to realise, is that old fashioned light bulbs are actually pretty bad at generating light. These tungsten, filament or incandescent bulbs actually mainly create heat, which many of you will have realised if you have tried to change one too quickly after it has been turned off. This is the main reason for these old timers being so energy inefficient and it this usually results in your lamp shades and covers becoming worn and burnt as time goes on, which is never ideal.

As well as wasting all your expensive energy creating heat instead of good quality light, this means they have a very short life when compared to their energy saving, low energy cousins. All in all, it really is just a no brainer to opt for a low energy bulb and concentrate on making them look as aesthetically pleasing as you can, using some of the fantastic accessories you will find right here at Haus of Hyde.

Choosing the right Low Energy Bulb?

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Now that we have firmly established that a low energy bulb is without doubt the prudent choice for you home, then comes the matter of which ones to choose. Energy saving lightbulbs have actually been on the market for more than two decades now but have become all the more topical of late due to rising energy bills and the importance of energy efficiency in the home.

This means that there are now all sorts of low energy lightbulbs available, making choosing the right one all the more confusing.

As well as the more popular compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), there are also LED bulbs available which are also far more efficient when compared to the beasty incandescent ones we keep referring to – these also claim to have low energy alternative which are actually still nowhere near as economical.

Genuine CFL’s use a fifth of the power that a standard one does making them a staggering 400% more efficient – apply this to your current energy bill and can see the kind of savings you stand to make as well as ensuring you are doing your bit when it comes to your carbon footprint. This also frees you up some more cash to invest in some luxury treats from our latest selection of sale items.

In truth, the CFL and LED lightbulbs are the best option for you and your home and these can be used in the kitchen, bedroom, dining room and even the bathroom to good effect. In fact, with the minimal approach to homewares still all the rage right now; these bulbs actually look far more pleasing to the eye than big, electricity sapping old style lightbulbs.

Dispel The Low Energy Myths

The only reason we have ever encountered for not using low energy bulbs, is the amount of time they have historically taken to light up. This is a thing of the past these days, with advances in technology moving on a great deal. You can now get CFL and LED lightbulbs in all sorts of colours and designs, meaning they can be applied to pretty much any interior design or theme.

If you really aren’t a fan of their design, then you can always invest in a classy lampshade and no-one will ever be any the wiser. If you are short of a little inspiration, take a look through some of the amazing recommendations we have right here at the Haus of Hyde site.

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Our oversized Bamboo Lampshade is a stylish way to use an energy saving bulb

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