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The launch night for Haus of Hyde was amazing and we want to thank everyone for coming and to everyone who helped out! The photos of the night are back and ready to show off, so I thought I’d use them as inspiration for my first blog post.

Now please bear with me. I’ve not written a blog post before, in fact I haven’t written much in the way of creative writing since school. Even then it was nothing to write home about. However I’m grasping onto the fact that I’ve written many a secret diary in my childhood. Obviously not the same thing as writing a blog, mainly because a blog is public. If my secret diaries were ever public, I would never be able to leave the house again!

IMG_8818So anyway, planning the party was pretty stress free thanks to John and Malgo the owners of Espresso Library, Cambridge, where we hosted the party. They describe their place as a “multi-use hangout space” I personally love the interiors at Espresso Library. It’s quirky, stylish and full of John and Malgo’s personalities, making it not quite like any other coffee place in Cambridge. They wIMG_8801ere the perfect hosts and organised all the food, drinks and dropping subtle hints to the last remaining coffee drinking stragglers.

In between Maddie breaking a champagne glass in the fluster to meet her Dad’s new girlfriend for the first time, and Fenton’s epic speech which made Grandad cry (Ross Gellar eat your heart out), we managed to show off everything Haus of Hyde to our guests.

Despite the glass-smashing incident, Maddie and Stevie were excellent at champagne pouring/ pretending to know who people were to check off the liIMG_8777st. Stevie was so eager for the party she arrived before we did. I turned up to see her sitting at the largest table in the venue, all her stuff scattered everywhere, whilst she applied her make up amongst some confused coffee drinkers. Turns out I was grateful for her early arrival as I was stressing out about the thought of no one turning up. She resolved this by pointing out that she knew of at least 5 people who were definitely coming. Luckily more than 5 people showed up, otherwise I’d of been left with a unreasonable amount of cactuses to have in my home!

Tom was next arriving. He did me a huge favour by photographing the event out of the goodness of his heart. Bless him. He did a great job and these snaps are all his! He even managed to capture some great entertainment shots. By this, I mean pictures that Fenton and I could zoom into as close as possible and send each other hilarious screen shots of guest’s ‘unaware the camera is pointing at me’ faces. Identities will remain anIMG_8890onymous.

Other highlights included lots of Bellini cocktails, goody bags and peoples general obsession with how cute my granddad is. Some guests remarked that they would ‘love to put him in the front basket on their bike and ride away with him’. That I’d like to see. When I told him that people found him cute he replied with “I know I am”. Grandma on the other hand, socialite she is, spent the evening mingling with guests and complimenting strangers on how she loved their shoes. When I asked why she was so late to the party she told me; “ Turning up late is the only wIMG_8924ay to arrive at a party”. I’ll take note.

In all seriousness we’ve had amazing feedback about how much you all love the site. P.S Thanks Verb! Special shout out to Warren AKA Ed Sheeran, Ben- the world’s loudest whistler and Chris Dawg, who unfortunately couldn’t make it, but was there in spirit.

We’re now left with the post party thoughts. Mainly being, what excuse can we think of to host another party? Until then its Thanksgiving, Bonfire Night, Diwali, probably loads of people’s birthdays and then Christmas! So it’s the perfect excuse to head over to our website and buy some goodies.

Enjoy the photos! https://www.facebook.com/hausofhydeonline/photos_stream



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