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January 2018 ” Goal-getter”

2018 is here and we’re raring to go! Although lets face it, wanting and doing are two very different things. Read on to find out our top tips for getting your life together this January. 

Tip 1:

Change your mindset. Positive thinking is the first step to getting on the track you want to be on. Start your day with positive affirmations. Think about what you’re waking up to. What are you most grateful for? For example ” I am lucky to be here and I will make the most of today”. Write it down. Put it anywhere… post it note, bathroom mirror, diary etc. Refer back to it during the day if you’re feeling lacklustre. At the end of the day write down something you’ve achieved. It doesn’t need to be anything huge! Just something significant to you. Keep it up, daily if you can. A positive mindset is essential to achieving where you want to be personally and professionally. For more check out “The little book of confidence” by Susan Jeffers.

Tip 2:

Tidy up the messy corners of your home e.g Tupperware drawer, shoe cupboard, bathroom cabinet . You’ll be surprised at how therapeutic it can be. Clearing clutter and being organised will make you feel refreshed and motivated. It’s so simple and suggested all the time, but it really is effective. For those of us who work in an office- Clear out the crap!! Don’t have anything there you don’t need. A clear desk helps keep a clear mind. To achieve this use clever storage to keep the space looking clean and to disguise mounds of stationary. Under desk drawers, filing cabinets, Well placed shelving and storage baskets will get you on the right track.

Tip 3:

As well as tidying the visible and the obvious, get all finances in order and update your software. Why not refresh your filing system? If you’re feeling brave then go digital. A simple Google search will provide you with options for nifty online filing systems. Finally,  Clean up your home screen. Escort the unused programs, old documents and outdated files off to the trash. You can even make your background motivational! We love these colourful, fun designs by Chloe Bruderer http://www.designlovefest.com/category/downloads/

Tip 4:

Be fluid with your workspace. If you have freedom to move away from your desk then why don’t you from time to time? Who says you can’t? We find that it keeps thinking fresh and shakes up the to do list. Different goals suit different settings. Need to feel inspired? Get out of your comfort zone- grab your laptop and work somewhere completely different to normal. Having a block? If the weather permits then work outside, take a notebook and pen and go to a local park. Fresh air is cheap therapy.

Tip 5:

Try not to forget that working doesn’t have to mean being glued to your laptop. Try feeding your creativity in those free moments- some of you, I know, find these few and far between. When you’re at the gym or going for a run try changing up your music. Listen to something you would never usually listen to. Don’t give up on the first listen if it’s not floating your boat. Give it a real shot. Podcasts are also great listening if you’re commuting, running, walking the dog etc. We love Maya Jama’s podcast “When life gives you melons” and the weekly pop culture and news podcast “The high Low” by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes. 

To be the ultimate Goal-getter this January make sure you’re separating your personal and professional goals. This makes them easier to focus on and therefore easier to achieve. Break them down into manageable chunks, with steps for how to achieve them. For example, if your goal for your small business is to grow your Instagram following authentically your first step may be to subscribe to Sarah Akwisombe’s @nobullschool. Choose the sessions most suited to your needs and use the advice to pave your way towards your goal. If a worksheet is more your thing then head to @theWWclub  founded by Phoebe Lovatt or @onegirlband founded by Lola Hoad for the latest goal setting tools.

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