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Let’s face it, it’s where the majority of us spend most of our time, so lets make the most of it. Check out our top tips for having a fully functional, inspiring and stylish work space. 

Tip 1|| De-clutter 

Ask yourself- “Do I actually need this shit?!” Have you used it within the last 6 months? No? Then get rid. Sell it, give it away, throw it away. Minimal clutter is proven to clear your mind, keep you focussed and destress.

office workspace brass storage

Tip 2|| Create functional storage

Everything should have a place. At Haus of Hyde we make the most of every piece of wall, floor and desk space. Think floor to ceiling shelving, filing cabinets, co-ordinating coloured binders, basket storage and handy drawer space. All of this can be done on the cheap- so there really is no excuse! 

white office storage box

Tip 3|| Have a clear colour scheme 

If you have a brand then it’s important that your working space reflects your image. It should be an extension of your brand’s visual concept. I’d recommend starting using lighter hues to create a balanced and calming environment- you don’t want to feel like you’re going to get a headache just from looking at the walls! Keep it fun, simple doesn’t have to be boring. At Haus of Hyde we keep the walls white and add cool accessories. It reflects our personality and our personal style. Show off who you are and what you’re about! 

office brass storage

Tip 4|| Keep the big bucks for the technology 

If the technology is a part of your brand, whether you run your own business, blog professionally or for fun, or work from home – the technology has got to be up to scratch. A decent computer/laptop and good quality software is so worth it! It ensures that your best work will be of the best quality. If you’re using a camera, make sure its a decent one. There are plenty on the market currently that are excellent value for money and they are the difference from looking like an amateur or playing like a professional. Edit your images for the highest quality and resolution. We stick to photoshop- it’s super easy to use, but trial a few to get a feel for what works for you. 

Tip 5|| Get comfortable  

Sitting at a desk, focussing on a computer screen, or leaning over throughout the day can cause aches and pains you can really do without. Your space can still be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Make sure if seated you have a supportive seat and try to ensure desks are positioned at a comfortable height. Obviously this isn’t always possible so consider a height adjustable chair.

girl office 

Tip 6|| Adequate lighting 

If you are working from home and failing to stick to your reasonable working hours then investing in decent lighting is a must. Eye strain is a bitch. A decent window covering is an essential. It keeps the glare off screens-especially when editing, and also helps to keep it cool in those hot summer months when all you want to do is be sitting in a pub garden somewhere…  

HausOfHyde_BC_IMG_7813 (1)

Tip 7|| Inspire yourself 

You’ve hit that creative wall. You’ve got writers block. You’re just not in the mood. Thank god you followed these tips and ensured you had things around you to keep you inspired. Think mood boards, favourite books/magazines, framed quotes and motivational playlists.

hanging magazines

Here are our top picks for cool office accessories. Get yourself sorted -now! 

Haus of Hyde||Brass Storage basket||£10  

wide brass basket

RockettStGeorge|| Chalkboard labels||£6

chalk labels

Paperchase || Blush Ring binder|| £5


Haus of Hyde || Pencil box|| £10 

grey pencil box

Oliver Bonas || Andy Warhol $ print|| £140

andy warhol

Ikea || Drawer unit with file storage|| £45


For work space styling inspo follow “The Workspace Stylist” on Instagram.

To sort out your life read “The Handbook” By Phoebe Lovatt. 

For business cards and other published branding use “moo.com” 

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