How the interior of one living room inspired my entire wedding

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You might be thinking- how on earth can a picture of a living room inspire your entire wedding? But it’s true.

Like many of us I had my entire wedding planned on Pinterest about 5 years before I met my husband (don’t try and pretend you haven’t got a secret wedding board). Ring designs, dress styles, venue options, make up inspo, floral arrangements, favours, entertainment, tips for how to pee in a wedding dress bla bla bla (the last ones a joke btw- although I’m sure theres a top tips list for that somewhere on Pinterest!).


Some of my original wedding pins

Pinterest vs real life

Once I was actually engaged I realised that what I loved on Pinterest wasn’t necessarily going to translate well for my own wedding. Firstly there are the practicalities involved. The venues I had always loved were not local to us. My grandad (bless him) is now quite frail and as he was one of the most important people I wanted there, anything beyond half an hour away was out of the question.

Originality was another thing that didn’t translate. I really wanted our wedding to be a reflection of us and to really include our family and friends. Basically to just have the best time possible. The reason those images of peoples weddings you’re pinning are so amazing are because it represents them!

Lastly- money. A lot of what you pin on Pinterest for weddings has the hefty price tag to achieve that same look. We made the decision to put the money into the renovation of our house as opposed to spending it all on the wedding so the budget was slashed considerably.

Goodbye 1,410 wedding pins. Hello wedding date we set 6 months after our engagement.

Then I saw this picture


The living room interior that inspired my wedding

I found this image on Emily Henson’s Instagram page (@lifeunstyled). Emily Henson is an interior stylist and author (who’s work I love) and she featured this living room belonging to @studio_pien in her book Be Bold. The thing I loved most about this image was how there were so many colours and textures in one space but they all complimented each other so effortlessly. I used this image as my starting point for planning my entire wedding.

I had decided on 6 bridesmaids (all close friends) who (as people do) have their own style and personality. Rather than put them in something I liked, I wanted to put them in something they liked, would wear again and represented their style and what they felt comfortable in wearing.

Emily’s picture became the colour palette inspiration


Once the colour palette was sorted I went on a mad hunt for affordable dresses in styles that would suit each bridesmaid. In doing so I found that a lot of these colours had been heavily featured in the latest Dolce and Gabbana runway collection.

Changing it up

Day to day my style is very simple and unfussy, but I’ve always loved the decadent D&G style and decided my wedding day was a chance to change it up a bit. Embelished headbands and big earrings were now on the agenda and my husband and groomsmen chose black bow ties and black suits to compliment this.

I chose a headband by @French.fashion.house and I was very lucky that one of my super talented friends handmade the bridesmaids headbands! I treated myself to some D&G earrings and some Nicholas Kirkwood pearl heel shoes.


Keeping it local

After making the decision to stay local we chose to have our ceremony in a registry office with only our immediate family and bridal party present. Then we had the first part of our reception at the beautiful Tamburlaine hotel in Cambridge. The interiors at the Tamburlaine speak for themselves and it meant that we wouldn’t have to spend any money on decorations etc. It was perfect exactly as it was. Our main photos were taken in the Garden room and worked perfectly with our colour palette with it’s marble tables, velvet seating and botanical wallpaper.

Toilet photography

Another inspiration for the day was the Met Gala. In my opinion it is one of the most creative fashion led events and one I look forward to seeing the pictures from each year. In 2016 the met gala’s best photographs were taken in the ladies bathroom by Cass Blackbird. OBSESSED. When I met with Jessica Williams (@jessicawilliams.photography) who was our AMAZING wedding photographer, I told her this is what I wanted to re-create. Unlike me, my husband despises posing and we both wanted to have cool photos we could have on display at home without cringing.

I’m not sure Jess had been asked to take pictures of bridesmaids sitting on the toilet floor before. But she went with it, as did Cameron Ward our videographer who we dragged into the ladies toilets with us. Sorry Cameron.

Keeping the party going

The second part of our wedding was at Novi, a cocktail bar in town. We hired the two upper floors. The middle floor had a bar, toilets, photo booth, smoking terrace and the upper floor was the dance floor. Novi was the best place we could of had our wedding reception. They not only also have amazing interior but they were totally relaxed and let us party until 3am!

Basically I based our wedding on a picture of a living room, D&G runway show and pictures taken in the toilet at the Met Gala. Now tell me thats not original. Oh and we did it all for under 10k!

Here’s a link to our wedding video if you want to watch “Meredith wedding” and if you want the details of anything then send me a message on Instagram and I can put you in the right direction!

With Love,

Leah, Haus of Hyde


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