Haus of Hyde’s tips for the perfect Galentines night in

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Haus of Hyde’s tips for the perfect Galentines night in

This year Galentines has fallen on a Tuesday night. Not the best night to be going out unless you want a horrendous hang over at work tomorrow or the post “What did I do last night?!” dread. Lets face it, a night out with the girls can sometimes (most of the time) turn into a wild one. For a Tuesday night maybe something more low key is required. We’ve put together some fun stuff to do together for your perfect Galentines night in.


Don’t bother doing your hair and make up. Your girls literally don’t care what you look like. It’s the perfect time to get fugly together. Scrape back your hair, put on your trackies and induldge in the worlds ugliest face masks. There are plenty out there. Why not start off with a sheet mask. They work wonders but look like something out of a horror movie. There’s so many options  to look fugly with these now? Under eye masks, lip masks and even neck masks. Go wild and plaster your whole face in them.

Galentines inspo courtesy of Maya Jama


You don’t want to be the one in the kitchen cooking a delicious vegan, gluten free, organic creation when the girls are around. You’re bound to miss out on the gossip this way. Forget the fancy food and prepare to binge. Make it your cheat night. Pizza, ice cream (Get that halo top 280 calories per tub, or something crazy like that version, if you reeaaaalllly need to be good),  nachos, chocolate, fries… seriously the list could go on.


Your mates sofa will do. Get a good seat, make sure youre comfortable. Blankets, cushions, puppies whatever you need.

Galentines inspo courtesy of Maya Jama


There’s the usual gossip. No point pretending it won’t happen because it always does. Get it out of your system. Then move on. Great people talk about ideas not people. Seriously listen to your gals. Where are their lives at, what are their goals and plans for the rest of the year. Can you help? Can you make eachother even better? Be all about bringing eachother up and supporting each other to succeed. That’s what makes female friendship so powerful ad important, and the true meaning of Galentines Day.

Galentines inspo courtesy of Maya Jama

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