Haus Guest: @pebbles_and_peanuts takes over our Instagram stories

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Haus Guest: @pebbles_and_peanuts takes over our Instagram stories

These Crittall windows flood the space with light in Natasha’s home

Each month we invite the coolest Insta home accounts to take over our Instagram stories for one day only! March saw Natasha of @pebbles_and_peanuts hosting our stories with a tour of her monochromatic home. Why @pebbles_and_peanuts?

Natasha’s family home shows how to achieve stylish spaces with all the practicalities of  family life. She makes her monochromatic scheme look effortlessly sophisticated whilst still remaining welcoming and cosy.

Haus Guest: @pebbles_and_peanuts

Monochrome doesn’t have to mean cold. Natasha’s scheme remains warm and welcoming.

The use of marble, herringbone flooring and monochromatic patterns are classic running themes throughout Natasha’s home, ensuring continuity and aesthetic flow. Natasha’s home has been completely transformed form it’s original layout and is now a free flowing open space full of light! What’s not to love about those giant Crittall windows and the matte black kitchen?

Haus of Hyde had a quick catch up with Natasha after her takeover for some extra @pebbles_and_peanuts chat!

Ok so first things first, What time period is your home and how long have you lived there?

It’s Victorian and we have lived here for 2 years now. 

What would you say is the best thing about living in London?

Being so close to everything! London is a design hub and there’s so many inspiring shops / galleries / bars / restaurants etc on our doorstep. Not to mention all the interiors events!

Where are your favourite design spots in London that you have visited or would love to visit?

The design museum in Kensington is well worth a visit. Pimlico has some beautiful interior shops and Sketch has been on my must-visit list for a while now!

Simple art and decorative items are a staple in Natasha’s home

Sketch is well worth a visit! Where do you tend to look for inspiration when decorating your home?

I try to start from how I want the space to feel, and look for inspirational abstract images that conjure that. Whether it’s nature, art, objects etc. Then looking at existing designs helps – commercial spaces, and of course other designers and homeowners are always inspiring!

Have you always been a lover of monochrome design in the home?

Yes! Whether it’s a full scheme or just adding elements of it for contrast- it ALWAYS looks good, and never goes out of style.

And what are your favourite materials to work with?

Paint is always a good one as it’s so easy to change up and makes a massive transformation with relatively little cost. I adore fabrics and try to get some bespoke things in a scheme where I can. Above all, I try to work with natural materials with finishes – marble, stone, wood etc.

Haus Guest: @pebbles_and_peanuts

Simple but striking design is always a winner

Which room has had the biggest transformation in your renovation so far?

The kitchen! It’s changed beyond recognition, and changed the way we live. Having an open plan space incorporating kitchen, dining, living and play areas means that we can be as a family all in one space.

It’s a amazing open space, with SO much natural light! What would you say  is the biggest talking point?

Definitely the Crittall windows! 

Haus Guest: @pebbles_and_peanuts

Maximum light floods the space thanks to these Crittall beauties

I can see why! If you were to use more colour in your home, what colour would you go for and why?

Good question! I do love pink and could definitely up the amount of that. Also forest greens always are a winner. Lastly, blues always sit well in any space as they’re so calming. We have quite a lot of blue on the loft floor- both boys rooms are different shades of blue and the bathroom up there has some lovely glazed ceramic blue tiles.

I can’t wait to see more of the loft floor! Lastly, who would you like to see as a Haus Guest?

Anyone who has been creative with their space!

Recreate the look of Natasha’s bedroom with these Haus of Hyde homewares

Small marble side table

Moroccan style cushion

Brass candlestick holder

Thank you so much Natasha for showing us around your beautiful home and for catching up with us! You were great as our March Haus Guest and our ultimate monochrome interior inspo!

Follow us at @haus_of_hyde to find out who our next Haus Guest will be!

With Love

Haus of Hyde


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