Haus Guest: @houselust takes over our Instagram stories

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Haus Guest: @houselust takes over our Instagram stories

Haus Guest: @houselust

Dark accents giving Amanda’s dining room a luxurious vibe

Each month we invite the coolest Insta home accounts to take over our Instagram stories for one day only! February saw Amanda of @houselust hosting our stories with a tour of her striking home. Why @houselust? In stark contrast to Haus of Hyde, Amanda’s home is a maximalist dream with a sophisticated dark palette, rich textures and fun accessories!

Haus Guest: @houselust

Amanda’s home is all of fun touches, like this rug

As our own style is typically minimalist with a monochromatic vibe,  we weren’t sure how you guys would receive something so different to what you’re used to following with us. But of course you LOVED it because even if you’re a minimalist you can totally fall in love with all of the exciting and interesting corners of Amanda’s home. And if you’re anything like me then you’ll love to live your inner maximalist through other people who just know how to do it right!

We had a quick catch up with Amanda after her take over for some extra @houselust chat.

So the typical question first: What time period is your home and how long have you lived there?

It’s a Victorian property, built in 1901 and we’ve lived here for 8 years now! 

It’s stunning and you’ve done an amazing job at putting your stamp on it! What has been your favourite room transformation and why?

I’d have to say the loft conversion (if that counts) as it was just dusty old beams and now its our bedroom suite with our dressing room and ensuite bathroom. 

That must of been a big transformation! What would be your top decorating tip to our followers?

If you own your property, don’t worry about re selling when it comes to decorating. Decorate your home how you want. At the end of the day not everyone will love your home, but what’s important is that you love it. 

Haus Guest: @houselust

Bold and interesting prints are a staple in Amanda’s home

That’s a really good tip because I think (myself included) we can all be a bit cautious about making drastic changes or braver design choices, when you’re absolutely right- at the end of the day you could be really cautious and it still might not be someones cup of tea! That leads really nicely onto my next question- What is the best thing about being a maximalist?

Definitely that you can just keep adding, and using ALL the prints and patterns for cushions, wallpaper and rugs! 

Haus Guest: @houselust

Pink and leopard print take centre stage in the bathroom

Which are your top 3 favourite prints in your home right now?

The House of hackney Babylon wallpaper in our dressing room, the Milton and King Jungle palm wallpaper in Otis’ nursery and the Florence Broadhurst oriental print wallpaper in our bathroom. 
Haus Guest: @houselust

The Milton and King jungle palm wallpaper

Great choices! Haus of Hyde has a typically monochrome/minimalist vibe. Why do you think our followers responded SO positively to your Haus Guest takeover despite your style being so different to ours?

Who doesn’t like having a nose around some ones house? and I guess ours is a feast for the eyes with the amount of different prints.

Very True! And its definitely a feast for the eyes! If you had to pick a favourite design quote what would yours be?

‘Less is a bore’ by Robert Venturi.

That quote is perfect for your home! Finally, Who would you like to see as our future Haus Guest?

Simin from the Arbery, or a smaller accounts like edwardian_Love – Esin or Amelia from Edwardianvilla, or Katie from Hello_Haus  who I think would be a great fit with Haus of Hyde. and not just because you have similar names. xx 

Haus Guest: @houselust

Amanda’s living room uses deep greens and jungle prints with bold brass accents

Recreate the look of Amanda’s living room at Haus of Hyde with the

Decorative small gold vase

Palm print

Green marble storage jars

Thanks Amanda for catching up! We loved having @houselust as our February Haus Guest and we know who we will be going to if we need advice on pattern and print!

Follow us at @haus_of_hyde to find out who our next Haus Guest will be!

With Love

Haus of Hyde


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