Everything You’ll Need For a Romantic Night In With Your Partner

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In the latest feature from the Haus of Hyde blog, we take a close look at how you can create the perfect night in for you and your partner. Although the cosy night in with your loved one is hardly a new concept, there are several ways you can take the ultimate night in with the special person in your life to the next level.


We examine these in detail and also confirm some of the age old techniques that have stood the test of time and remain classics to this day. Our team has put these together using years of experience and a mix of techniques from the gentlemen and the ladies in the office, so you can be sure that we have left no stone unturned in our quest to bring you the ultimate feature.


We just had to start our guide with surely the classic aspect to any romantic night in, the trusty candle. Scented candles and diffusers have evolved over the years and the selection you can find both online and on the high street is comprehensive to say the least.

Due to the fact that high quality candles set a beautiful ambience and also provide a gorgeous fragrance for your living room and bedroom, a luxury candle is still a quintessential part of any romantic night in with your partner.

A Trick Up Your Sleeve

The element of surprise could well be the key to transforming your romantic night in from a damp squib to a resounding success, and one that you reap the benefits of for some time. If your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife is well aware you are planning a night in, then it could well become boring and predictable; not adjectives one usually wants associated with their romantic night in.

You could get things going with some flowers or a gift sent to their work or even to your home, but try not to give anything away regarding the night you have planned. They will most likely end up feeling very loved and cherished and this will get your romantic night off to the perfect start.

Quality Cuisine

Although you probably don’t want to end up completely stuffed and lethargic during your romantic night in with your partner, delectable cuisine should probably be a significant part of your efforts. You don’t have to go for aphrodisiacs such as oysters, but any meal which shows care and attention and goes well with your partner’s favourite wine or liqueur will send out the perfect message.

If you are somewhat of a whizz in the kitchen, then preparing your partner’s favourite meal and making sure it is perfect could be the prudent plan.

If not, then why not order a luxury takeaway and make sure its piping hot and served on some aesthetically pleasing dining ware, to create a loving and sumptuous atmosphere. That way, all you will need to do is enjoy each other’s company and the romantic environment you have gone to so much trouble creating.

Perfect Music

So, you have your home smelling gorgeous, your loved one’s favourite meal is in the oven or on its way in good time before he or she returns from work and they don’t have a clue what you have in store. The only thing missing now for the perfect night in is of course, music.

You will have no doubt learned a great deal about their taste in music and whether you like it or not, it would be a good idea to get a track list going that they would appreciate. Unless that is, they are into their heavy metal or rap music, as this probably isn’t the most romantic gesture.

Either way, the perfect soundtrack is the ideal way to complement all the other techniques you have masterfully applied to create the perfect night in. Sneak in a bit of Barry White, Al Green and of course the king of romance, Marvin Gaye and the scene could be set to the most resoundingly successful night in of all time.

Be sure to get it all queued up and ready to play at the perfect time, so you don’t have to spend the crucial parts of your romantic night in getting up and down to play with your iPad or laptop.


Finally, there is a final touch you can add to a simply perfect romantic night in and leave your partner feeling on top of the world. It is of course, flowers. You don’t have to choose roses although they are the classic choice and their rich scent and intense colour makes them the go to flower.

How you approach your flowers is really up to you. You could get them delivered as we have already mentioned, or you could go the extra mile and get these scattered around the home in good time before your romantic night in; the choice is yours!


Presents are optional and no one would ever turn their nose up at a romantic gift. However, the above tips and tricks should allow you to create the perfect romantic night in.

You could complement these with some of the beautiful homewares we have available right here at the Haus of Hyde, our range is growing all the time and you can contact us by clicking here.

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