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We’ve all been there at one time or another. Although the date has been in the diary for months, you have left organising your dinner party menu to the last minute and before you know it you have a race against time on your hands putting together an evening to remember.

Thankfully, you have nothing to fear as the Haus of Hyde team has put together somewhat of a survival kit of cooking ideas for your dinner party. All of these dishes have been cooked by one of our culinary experts and presented beautifully with some of the luxury homewares you can find right here at the Haus of Hyde site!

We have chosen a dish from each of our favourite cuisines, so whatever approach you are taking to your dinner party you won’t be short of options!

ITALIAN: Cannelloni with Beef Ragu & Gorgonzola

This one is typically Italian and therefore incredibly straight forward, but don’t be fooled into thinking that means it isn’t a taste sensation.

Dishes from Italy are always basic in terms of ingredients, but they pack such a punch that this meal could make you an absolute hero with your guests. Serve this with some freshly baked garlic bread and serve with a good quality Chianti or Montepulciano to create an unmistakably Mediterranean feel.

Jamie Oliver has a great recipe for this dish here.

Top Haus Tip: You could put some extra love into this one by making your pasta from scratch or buying the fresh alternative from your local supermarket, but the dried stuff will still yield superb results. Making your pasta can be a great way to add a little bit of extra love into your cooking.

BRITISH: Spring Chicken Pie

If you have decided to go for some traditional British Fayre for your dinner party, then there are few things more quintessential than a homemade pie. Home cooked meals are often overlooked at dinner parties as they can lack a bit of glamour, but served with the right accompaniments, this dish could be an absolute winner.

This pie is all about choosing the best, freshest ingredients and ensuring they are all in season. Add to this some free range chicken from your favourite butcher and make sure your filo pastry is homemade and your guests will be able to see how much finesse and effort has gone into your dish. Find the recipe for this delicious pie here.

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Another great thing about a homemade pie is that it can be served with a good quality wine or even a craft ale, making it ever so versatile and let’s face it; there’s nothing wrong with staying traditional even for the most elegant of dinner parties.

Top Haus Tip: Use some fresh stock as opposed to your average OXO cube to really enhance the flavour and if you have a cheapish bottle of white floating around, this can really help to bring out the flavours.

CHINESE: Pork & Black Beans

When it comes to making fresh food, Chinese can often be overlooked as people tend to think the preparation time can be a little arduous; this is not always the case. Pork and Black beans captures all sorts of classic oriental flavours and once you have all your ingredients together, can take little over 15 minutes to knock together giving you more time to entertain your guests. This BBC Good Food recipe is quick and tasty.

Black bean pork with noodles

Image from bbcgoodfood.com

As with all the recipes in this guide, this dish will really depend on your choosing fresh and high quality ingredients, particularly your pork which you should ensure is not too fatty. You can look online for a few recipes for this one but we recommend grabbing some Asian fermented black beans from your local Chinese supermarket and the rest should be a doddle.

Serve this one with a choice of egg fried rice or some noodles and bean sprouts and get some classic oriental beers in for an evening with real character. If you are a dab hand with the wok, then this meal could get you some real cookery kudos with your friends with minimal blood, sweat and tears.

Top Haus Tip: The biggest mistakes we see with cooking Chinese food come from not using a good quality wok at the right heat. Make sure you have a non-stick wok which had been greased with olive oil and ramp the heat up to 10 for the best results and slowly turn down the heat as the dish comes together.

There you have three dishes tailored to different tastes, all of which have been huge successes for our team of food lovers. Of course a great dinner party is all about good company, but we feel these dishes can turn a good night into a great one. All then left to do, is to lay the table with some of luxury homewares from our living and dining section and the scene is set for a night to remember!

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