How To Make Your Home Romantic For a Night In

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Blame whatever you like but the chances are that you just don’t get away with your significant other nearly as much as you would like to. Long hours at work, the economy or family commitments, it doesn’t really matter, the fact of the matter is that a romantic sojourn is just not in the budget and probably not feasible.

Thankfully, the Haus of Hyde team have got so sick of this, that we have created this foolproof guide to creating a romantic hotspot right in your own home. All you need to do to capture all the magic that a weekend at a quaint B&B or serene location on the coast offers, is read our top tips and set a side an evening to guarantee a night to remember with your loved one.

Invest In Quality Linen

One of the things we all love the most about a good hotel or B&B is the linen, especially all the girlies out there. So, why not push the boat out and create that luxurious feel by investing in some lovely bed sheets for your own bedroom? Super fluffy pillows and high quality sheets can make all the difference to your room and are just perfect for romantic night or weekend.

Create An Atmosphere

You don’t need to be a love doctor to know that one of the best ways to create a romantic atmosphere is through the sense of smell. Homes can often smell like a mixture of home cooking and laundry, so make sure you get some luxurious candles on the go for your romantic night in.

You can also use some good quality linen spray on your newly acquired sheets as well to make sure that wherever you go during your night in, your senses are satisfied. This will complement all your other little touches beautifully and act as a welcome break from the usual scents you are used to at home.

Nail Your Playlist

picking music to set the mood

This is one of our tips that really comes down to personal preference but we are all united in the belief that this is probably the most important aspect to creating the perfect ambience for your romantic night in.

You may have wooed your partner back in the day with a corny mixtape or you may have just built up some tunes over the years which mean the world to you both, get your playlist sorted well in advance and make sure you play it when the time is right.

Some prefer to play their romantic tunes over dinner, others may like to settle down on the couch with some wine whilst your classics are on in the background, either way these songs could prove crucial to your romantic night in.

Boxset & Chill

If your playlist doesn’t quite do the job, then why not get your loved one’s favourite boxset on the go? We all know what reputation relaxing in front of Netflix has, so get your partner’s favourite show on the go and chill in the serene surroundings you have created using this fantastic Haus of Hyde guide.

Grab a blanket, get comfy on the sofa and enjoy the feeling of being with your best mate without the hassle of work and settle down in front of the TV.

Breakfast In Bed

breakfast in bed

A classic move, but nothing says a romance more than breakfast in bed. We all know what our other half’s favourite breakfast is, so why not get it all prepared the night before so you can whip it up in no time the next morning?

The chances are that you may not have tonnes of time the next morning, so time could be of the essence and your romantic breakfast in bed could be the last leg of your romantic night in. You can get all sorts of tasty breakfast ready meals these days should you choose that option or you could really show your partner you care by rustling it all up yourself.

Either way, make sure you present your breakfast in bed with some tender loving care and you could gain yourself some infinite brownie points.

No Phone Policy

mobile phone on a table

Finally, our last little touch to making sure you have the perfect romantic night in is making sure all your phones, tablets and laptops are off for the evening. You have gone to all this trouble to create your own romantic getaway in the comfort of your own home so why would you want to be tweeting or reading Facebook posts. Turn them off and enjoy your night off!

If you need any more inspiration for making your home the perfect romantic getaway, just take a good look around the Haus of Hyde website. We have luxury homewares for every room in your house at prices you may not expect!

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