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Best Instagram accounts to follow if you love fashion and interiors: Introducing the Haus recommendations top 50 for fashion and interior lovers. 

As the worlds of fashion and interiors are increasingly colliding it’s not surprising that we’ve noticed a shift in the content we are seeing on Instagram. Fashion bloggers are moving from the street style shoots to the home style shoots and interior bloggers are featuring more and more on their home heavy grids.

We take you through our top 50 accounts (these accounts have home and personal style we admire) merging both genres.

Who’s fashion and interior style do you love the most?

1. Chloe Plumstead @chloeplumstead

For honest petite fashion reviews and simple bohemian home styling

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Took a “duvet day” yesterday. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, it’s an unscheduled day off to manage stress and partake in a much-needed portion of self-care. I know that term in itself – “self-care” – is bandied about so much that it’s almost become tainted, but when you’re aching for a slice of silence and to cleanse and clean and declutter, then what else do you call it? Hiding away from the world for one day longer than you’re supposed to, for the purpose of decompressing and recentering and whatever other buzzwords describe just needing to be left alone for a bit. A McMuffin always helps too. Still feeling a bit lacklustre today but work has resumed and there’s the promise of a bath on the horizon tonight, so we can do this. 💃 Side note: I mentioned that I was taking a duvet day yesterday and a few of you who also work from home or are self-employed got in touch to say you struggle with guilt, motivation and time-management. ME TOO. And it’s all good: just because you’re not in the office doesn’t mean you can’t feel like you cba or would rather slow down for a bit. I’m going to write a blog post about this next week so I’ll elaborate a little more then, but many of us feel the same so don’t discount yourself as a failure or lazy. It’s normal. 🧖‍♀️ {Dress gifted by @frenchconnection.}

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2. Jessica Skye @_jessicaskye

Luxe style interiors with a fashion style to match

3. Frèdèrique Harrel @freddieharrel

Personality filled style

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Pheww are any of you riding through a stronger-than-usual storm inside? Over the past two weekends I must have totalled 15 hours of journaling 😂 there's a purge going on and I have no choice but to abide.⁣ ⁣ I've been asking/praying/working on setting all that is me, free, for a while now. There is so much to let go of, but you know this already; and it's okay, that's what the journey is all about – anyway. ⁣ ⁣ But wait, these last few days/weeks? Waves inside me have been doing the most to push out sooo much of the old BS that made it deep, so deep that I’ve grown to think it was mine all along. Last weekend I decided to lay it down because it was too much, I sat for 12-hour straight 🤣 and some more this weekend. Fears lifting off, shoulders getting lighter, I don't want to be too forward and jinx it but at some point last night I felt completely whole – not mended, simply never broken in the first place (like, at all)🤷🏾‍♀. Leaning in this statement feels like the biggest revolution yet, I've never been such a daredevil. ⁣ ⁣ A lot of my friends are being rocked by similar storms, urges to cleanse and make peace. I heard it's the Pluto retrograde, and although I have no tarot knowledge but I have to believe it's true! 😂 So have you been feeling it too? How are you processing it? Writing is my go-to! ⁣ ⁣ And because synchronicity rewards those who manifest, I'm also going to @myleik 's retreat in Cancun next week (@mtyretreat ) with 100 other women! Women who attended last year said they came back completely changed! I've been a @myleik fan and mentee (in my head lol) for years now, I've been so so excited to go, but this kind of timing? I'm not sure I'm ready anymore – I guess we are indeed coming throuuugh 🙌🏾😎💥

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4.Whinnie Williams @whinniewilliams

The creator of independent power brand Poodle and Blonde oozes seventies babe vibes

5. Sade @inmysundaybest

Natural, beautiful and relaxed

6. Lauren Grace @laurengracelifestyle

A beautifully curated feed with neutral home and fashion inspo

7. Emily Jane Lathan @emilyjanelathan

The go to account for holiday home inspo combined with cute nail designs and bohemian style

8. Karoline Herr @frollein_herr

Pastel feminine interiors with an appreciation for headbands and vintage pieces

9. Emma Jane Palin @emmajanepalin

A rented abode infused with colour and a fun personal style to match

10. Reena @hygge_for_home

Beautiful rustic, Scandinavian home decor with casual High street dressing

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{AD} Morning! I am sleeping so much better these days, well at least for the hours the littlest lady lets us 😉 & most of all I’m not getting any lower back pain now. . How well do you sleep? Do you already have the mattress of your dreams? Or do you struggle like I did? I am a side sleeper so am with with the majority of the UK population as more than half of us sleep in the foetal position. I had no idea when I was choosing my @dreams_beds mattress what firmness I should be looking for in a mattress but the Dreams website is great with lots of information to help you figure out what’s right for you. I went for a medium mattress after reading more about my sleeping position. And I also made the move away from my soft memory foam mattress which was giving me backache to a pocket spring mattress and it has genuinely made a difference. . Head over to my stories to take a poll and find out which mattress firmness is for you if you are not a side sleeper and are a back or front sleeper! #dreamsbeds #hygge #bedtime #bedroominspiration #bedroominspo #bedroomideas #myhyggehome #interior2you #interior4you1 #interior4all #whiteinterior #immyandindi #interior_design #passion4interior #scandinavianinterior #scandinavianstyle #nordicstyle #nordicdesign #nordicinspiration #sovrum #sovrumsinspo #soverom #bedroomgoals #roominspo#blushlove #dream_interiors #interior_delux #homeinteriors

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11. Shelley Mokoena @shelleymokoena 

Simple, effortless, stunning

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Carefree me.

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12. Kate Spiers @kate.lavie

Floral dresses and shelf styling galore

13. Hannah Crosskey @hannahcrosskey

Slick, sophisticated and chic is the memo for each and every outfit shot and home corner

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It’s linen weather 🐚 *suit gifted

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14. Philippa Ross @philippabloom

A home with Parisian style and maternity dressing at it’s best- and now a new baby and a beautiful nursery!

15. Carrie Santana de Silva @wishwishwish

A home and personal style inspired by Carrie’s travels

16. Olivia Turner @olivialaura_

Fashion inspo for the tall girl and a well accessorised home

17. Georgia Luisa Allegra Meramo @glameramo

If simplicity is your vibe then this account is for you

18. Brooke Testoni @brooketestoni

High end style with a neutral colour palette 

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Tuesday. 🧡

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19. Evangelie Smyrniotaki @styleheroine

Photographing fashion using interiors in interesting ways is her thing

20. Zeena Shah @heartzeena

Fashion and homewares that radiate Zeena’s happiness

21. Chelsea Stonier @thehousethatblackbuilt

She’s got a love affair with the colour black

22. Athena Calderone @eyeswoon

Exquisite springs to mind

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If a singular photo could encapsulate all that I do, this might be it. Creating a sensorial experience through design, through food, through palette, and most of all through collaboration. I am many things but I am rarely solitary in my visual and culinary endeavors. While I often refer to my multifaceted world as “creative schizophrenia”, there is always cohesion, a specific point of view, and a common thread that binds it all — which I suppose is my own but not without the support and inspiration of many. As we all try to define ourselves creatively in a more and more undefinable landscape let’s remember to not be afraid of collaboration, supporting and crediting others, sharing our story openly, asking for help, and being receptive enough to learn from others. This was huge in the infancy of identifying my career and an overarching topic at today’s @archdigestpro panel. Here’s to being authentic, never being defined by one thing, and to figuring out who we are collectively not singularly. . This capture, where I am immersed in what I love most, was from a dinner for @beatsbydre at @tdelavan’s home, brought to me by @aliceryanmiller. Such beauty was created alongside @foxfodderfarm and @poppysbrooklyn. Wearing @ullajohnson — photo @stephania_photography

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23. Emily Murray @pinkhouseliving

Colourful, fun, sparkly and you guessed it… pink

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A big HELLO to all my lovely new followers who have arrived from @apartmenttherapy and @louisepentland 👋🏻. As you can see, I’m jumping for joy that you’ve swung by The Pink House. Can I get you a tea? Coffee? Something stronger? 🍸🍻🥂 Over here on the pink side I’m all about having fun with interiors, appreciating pattern and colour and trying to keep my house in some kind of vague order while my eight- and five-year-old boys wreak havoc with a cuddly owl they’re currently using as a football ⚽️🦉💥🙈. As an ex-gymnast I’m quite often to be found leaping over my sofa 🛋🤸‍♀️, jumping on the bed (as you can see) and generally embarrassing my kids by performing Michael Jackson dance routines in the kitchen 🕺🏼. The Pink House Husband loves my dancing a lot more than he loves my taste in interior design. It’s a struggle at times but on balance I’d say I’m winning the interior war (are you? Hit @pinkhouseliving then click link in bio to take my quiz on the subject). Have a lovely evening, whatever you’re up to 💖 Photo: @timyoungphotographer – this is a bedroom I designed as part of a project with @hillarysblinds #bedroomgymnastics #butnotlikethat #cheatingonfashionwithfurniture #thoughIdidneednewtrousersafterthis

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24. Monikh Dale @monikh

Mixing high end fashion with High Street homeware

25. Erica Davies @erica_davies

This ex fashion editor has transferred her style skills into her home

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Anyway, hi! How are you?! That’s a phrase an old colleague of my friend used during a full-on, random story, that would usually start with ‘oh my god you’ll never believe what happened to me’ and end with ‘anyway, hi!’ Anyway! Hi! I’ve had ‘severe barotrauma’ since the flight back from Morocco and still can’t hear properly. If anyone has constant ear issues/tinnitus, I am really, really sorry, because it’s AWFUL. But you know, fashion doesn’t stop, even for my inflamed aural cavities! 😆 Here I am working the double urban safari look, or actually, technically, the triple safari look (TSL 🙌🏻): khaki shacket, layered under a camel jacket, teamed with an animal skirt. The khaki is one of my oldest buys, a Topshop classic that is probably the hardest worker in my wardrobe. I wear all the time. The camel utility jacket is a new one, bought from M&S – and it’s brilliant. Really useful, lightweight and the perfect casual OR smart piece (it’d be lovely with smart trousers and a simple tee). I’ll link to it on Stories. Skirt is from the fab Kemi Telford, which I wear a LOT, because it’s a pull-on, no-nonsense fella in a great length. Now it’s time to go and get my glam on – with my nasal spray and ear drops. Have a good evening! Anyway, bye! CREDITS: Jacket, M&S (bought, but I do work with them) | Khaki shirt, Topshop (old season) | Tee shirt, & Other Stories | Skirt, Kemi Telford (gift) | Sandals, Birkenstocks x Il Pellicano at Matches | *Gifts and working relationships mentioned, other items bought 🌿

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26. Laura Magee @deco.dwelling

An Art Deco loving fashion buyer living in an indoor jungle

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Best jumpsuit ever from @warehouseuk, it’s just like wearing your pyjamas! Plus it’s formal enough to wear to work! What’s not to love??? I had this on earlier with trainers to the office and just chucked on some heels to take me from desk to dinner! Yasss!!!! Nothing better than an easy versatile outfit! #whatiwore #mywardrobethismonth #myoutfits #styleitdark #hairbands #desktodinner #fashionblogger #fbloggerstyle #myhouseidea #myinteriorstyle #myhousebeautiful #myinstadecor #decorationideas #itsadecorthing #walltowallstyle #houseplants #chickswithplants #greensofa #hagueblue #darkinteriors #getmydecornoticed #styledupinterior #sassyhomestyle #wentoutlikethis #ootdfashion #mygorgeousgaff #treasureseeker #warehousewornwell #belfastblogger #myfashionstyle

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27. Alex Stedman @thefrugality

Affordable fashion and interiors

28. Natalie Wall @nataliewallers

If quirky, eclectic interiors and fashion are your thing then this is the account for you

29. Olivia Edwards-Silk @lustliving

Did someone say “Dalmatian print?” 

30. Cordelia @cordelia_hearts

Bohemian interiors and well put together looks

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I’ve been getting a few comments on my skin recently, asking what I’m doing to ‘get a glow’ & I put this down to 3 things and thought I’d share them with you.. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ✨ @wilde_about_tan – it’s an obvious one I know, but the glow I get from their spray tans is like nothing any bottle tan has ever given me (it’s official I’m addicted and have a tan every 2 weeks now, which are very kindly gifted to me!) ✨ @olehenriksen I’ve been using his skincare for a few months now and it’s doing wonders for my skin – I mix it with @larocheposayuki & @clinique depending on where I am in my cycle & what my skin needs more, and finally ✨ @originsuk hydrating prettifying finisher – it’s my hero product & I’m on my 4th bottle now! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I’ll share links in my stories to all products I’ve mentioned some point today 💋

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31. Lucy Williams @lucywilliams02

Cool, original and curated

32. Jodie Rogers @jodie.melissa

Pretty clothes and a pretty home

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Absolutely love Sunday’s 🌙✨☕️

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33. Michelle Nielson @stonemuse

An artistic and beautifully displayed home with feminine and practical dressing

34. Madelynn Furlong @madelynnfurlong

An account for the fashion and interior obsessed

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Milan tomorrow 🕶 @proenzaschouler

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35. Kirsty @labelsforlunch

A lover of colour, Chanel and interior design

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AD I’m going through a weird fashion phase where I keep matching my boots with my bag / cardigan / whatever else I can find. No really! Go look at my recent outfit pics and you’ll see! 🙈 In all other news, I’m making my summer dresses autumnal by wearing them with a chunky cardigan! 😍 My dress is from @shopmatalan (as are my boots!) and you can shop the dress using the link in my bio! It’s £20 and worth every penny! 😍💖😘👏🏻 #matalanmoments #dresslikeyourhome . . . . . . . #tropicalvibes #mycreativeinterior #mycollecteddecor #colorfulhome #Mybohovibes #eclectichome #bohemianinteriors #boldbohemians #myhousebeautiful #myeclecticmix #myhometoinspire #myhomestyle #moreismoredecor #colorismyjam #eclecticdecor #mycreativeinterior #apartmenttherapy #housebeautiful #boldinteriors #thenewbohemians #midcenturyhome #stellarspaces #abmathome #anthroplogie

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36. Lauren Lewis @laurenlewisliving_

Rustic hues and delicate lighting

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Morning 👋🏼

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37. Kristabel Plummer @iamkristabel

Bright, colourful, fashion and interiors that are full of fun 

38. Atia @thebrightblooms

Creative, colourful and full of florals 

39. Charlotte Jacklin @charlottejacklin

Fun, feminine and floral 

40. Amy Brandhorst @amybhorst

All the retro and vintage feels

41. Vanessa Blair @vanessaroseblair

Dreamy interior and fashion inspo

42. Megan Ellaby @meganellaby

An eclectic mix of old and new

43. Ghenet Pinderhughes Randall @ghenetactually

Plants, patterns and prettiness 

44. Sarah Akwisombe @sarahakwisombe

80’s dressing and Art Deco interiors 

45. Cate st Hill @catesthill

Minimal monochrome

46. Leanne Lim-Walker @leannelimwalkerhome

From the DIY to the glamorous

47. Chloe Lloyd @chloelloydhome

Fashion inspired home with glamorous fashion 

48. Maggie Zhu @magzzhu

Inspired by the city 

49. Hilary Marconetto @hilarymarconetto

Selective maximalism 

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Just blending in…..as ya do! Never been a fan of these wardrobes, a regretful choice and one mainly made by Dan (yes I’m passing the buck) when I was heavily pregnant at the end of our Reno and I was beyond decision making. I’ve got no chance of changing them, they make a good room shot though! #selfie #colourmyhome #warmtones #bedroomdecor #settingplaster #myinterior #weeklyinteriorinspo #cornersofmyhome #colourcrush #pinkandcoral #myhousethismonth #myfabhome #featherlight #ihavethisthingwithcolour #marblefireplace #nestandthrive #interiorstyling #interiors #myhomevibe #apartmenttherapy #styleithappy #mycreativeinterior #rockininteriors #zebraprint #eclecticdecor #howihome #moodoftheday

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50. Ashley James @ashleylouisejames

Expressive, colourful, fun and free 

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