Bathroom decor ideas that will transform your bathroom

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Adding flowers to your bathroom Pink Vases

These flowers will bring you the freshest natural scents. The best bit being that steam in your bathroom will help you nourish them without you having to water them. This coral vase is the perfect dash of colour against the neutral backdrop of most bathrooms.


Lay them on the tray

Bathroom trays are classic bathroom accessories and having one that stands out really adds character to your bathroom. This beauty plate is Haus of Hyde’s version of a classic bathroom tray with a twist.

Bathroom tray

The rose gold finish matches perfectly with any bathroom surface. Use it to keep all your stray pieces of jewellery and sunglasses safe, stash your makeup on it or use it as a candle plate in your living room. It will be your most used bathroom accessory in the morning and when you come home after work.


Use gold and marbles to keep it stylish


Looking for storage units for your bathroom but finding it hard to find a modern and chic set of bathroom storage pots? These marble beauties are definitely the bathroom accessories you need for your bathroom. The brass edge adds a touch of sophistication to the set.  



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