@Linsdrabwellhome, Lins Drabwell has a growing presence on Instagram where she documents the renovation of her 1930’s home. Her home, based in South East London, is in the process of a complete refresh. We would describe her style as light, practical and homely. We love this shot of her living room and the gorgeous bay window.
    @Linsdrabwellhome, You may recognise Lins’s kitchen. It caused quite the commotion on Instagram when followers couldn’t get enough of her kitchen makeover which she completed over a mere 6 days, as a surprise to her husband! It was quite the transformation, we suggest following her insta and checking out the before and after photos!
    @Linsdrabwellhome, If you love DIY and you need some inspo, then Lins is a DIY queen you need to follow! She’s always getting stuck into a project, most recently her garden which was no mean feat. We also love Lins’s account for giving a glimpse into her life with colitis and anemia, and her blog, giving a voice to women’s choices, is a must read.